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I was going through a rough time both personally and professionally and knew I needed a big change. I wasn't sure if that meant leaving my job, taking a long vacation or if there were bigger cracks in my relationship that I needed to do something about. I reached out to Jen trying to make sense of it all and she had me tune in to my heart's biggest desires and I mapped out a life that I could not have imagined living before. And with it, I got simple steps to do day by day, that got me closer to my dreams!

Caroline B.

Working with a Jen has been a game-changer for me personally and professionally. Jen’s gift is that she is able to merge together expertise from the corporate sector, small business know-how, and deep understanding of what it means to be a parent and entrepreneur in today’s demanding world, all with an approachable and supportive manner. Her guidance and coaching helped me get clear on my priorities and set new goals for 2021, and I look forward to our future work together.

Sarah S.

I had been rising up the corporate ladder the last 10 years and after starting my family, I started to question how sustainable that career was going to be. That question reached a critical point a few months into the pandemic and I was thinking of quitting, but instead I decided to hire Jen. She helped me see a whole new perspective on work-life balance. I stopped fighting to keep things 50/50. I started embracing the times I needed to put my family first and asked for help at work. I also found times where work projects trumped family time and my husband needed to step up to take more of the load at home. It's a flow I never thought I'd find and somehow life feels more filled with possibility.

Katherine T.

For the last few years, I knew I wanted something more in my career, but I wasn't sure exactly what or honestly, if I had enough experience to do anything else. After just a few weeks working with Jen, she had me feeling more confident and more aligned. It's not a coincidence that shortly after, I got called for a huge COO role at my company and nailed my interviews. I couldn't have navigated this without Jen and I'm so thankful for all her support.

Stephanie S.

Jen helped me figure out what was holding me back from starting a project I had been avoiding as well as a plan to get going. Prior to working with Jen, I felt stuck - I knew I wasn't moving forward but I didn't know why or how to start. After working with her, I not only had a plan but a new awareness about myself that would help me in future situations. I felt prepared to navigate obstacles that may come up as well as knowledgeable in the root issue that had prevented my starting earlier. If you need clarity on your future, your motivation, or anything really, Jen will help you to build confidence and take action. I consider myself lucky to have been able to work with her!

Nicole K.

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