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A 6-week group coaching program to discover what lights you up and go for it


Are you feeling stuck trying to figure out what's next for you? You've spent so much time focusing on others, you barely know what you want anymore? You know you've got a fire inside, but you just need help lighting it up again.

Ignited is a 6-week group coaching program that gives you all the support you need to look at what sets your soul on fire and to go after it!

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The program is designed for women who are looking to redefine what success means, who are no longer willing to settle for a job and a life that zaps them of all of their energy, and who are ready to look inside to find what's next.

If you're committed to making a change but need some support and guidance, this group is for you!

You may have said to yourself:

"I am tired of living like this. My mind is always racing, yet I feel numb."

“I used to be so confident. I don't know what happened to me." 

"I'm too busy taking care of everyone else, I don't have time for what I want."

"I'm not even sure what I want or if I'm capable of getting it."

This is not about adding to your to-do list or "shoulding" all over yourself. It's about finding a new way. In our time together, you'll create the vision for your future self, find the support to make it a reality, and have fun while doing it!


Through weekly group sessions held remotely over 6 weeks, I'll guide you through a process that examines:

  • Your Guiding Light - what values drive your life decisions
  • The Spark - what gets you out of bed (besides coffee!)

  • The Dimmers - what's holding you back

  • Fire Starters - simple, effective actions to move forward

Sessions will include a mix of group exercises, mentoring through rapid fire 1:1 sessions in community, and bonfire chats where we share and support one another.

Plus, each member will get two (2) individual coaching sessions with me to get to the heart of what's happening in your life and to set goals to keep this work up after it ends!

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The Commitment

1 hour per week for 6 weeks
2 private 45-minute sessions  
$1,111 Investment

Starting soon (February 2023)


What could it do for you?

"The exercises we did built the foundation for me to get really clear on my vision and I often return to the things I wrote out on day one! I'm now exploring new roles with confidence and assertiveness."

"That was so powerful! I just broke through something I'd been circling around in therapy for years."

"Being part of Ignited shifted my perspective in so many ways. Thanks to this group, it is easier for me to find joy in my everyday life and to choose to take care of myself."

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