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As a certified facilitator of Eve Rodsky's Fair Play Method, I can help you and your partner get on the same page to divide domestic labor in a more fair and equitable way - so you can reclaim your time and realize your full potential.

If you're the one that manages kids' schedules, school assignments (damn those last minute crazy hair days!), tidying up everyone's messes, getting food on the table every night - and you're exhausted by the sheer volume of things to do and remember - this is for you! 

Fair Play offers a structured method to bring more visibility to what needs to be done to care for your family and your home, and invites your partner into a conversation that gets at the heart of your shared responsibilities.

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I have a variety of ways to work with individuals, couples and corporations, depending on your unique needs.


When you and your partner have agreed to use the Fair Play Method in your home, you may want a third party to help navigate the conversation and troubleshoot as you put it into practice.


My 4-session introductory package allows you to get on the same page and be set up for success. I provide a mix of couples sessions and individual sessions, introducing the method, unlearning old beliefs and navigating miscommunications that surface as you put the method into practice in your home.

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If you're struggling to have these discussions with your partner or feel like you're just not being heard, individual coaching is a great place to start.

We'll get to the heart of why it's difficult to get the support you need, teach you ways to invite your partner into the conversation and help you unlearn some of the old beliefs that are keeping you stuck taking it all on!

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Work-life integration is more important than ever to employees who are juggling so many competing priorities. Companies that show up to help their employees in all areas of their life benefit from increased productivity, reduced turnover and a more vibrant and loyal corporate culture.

If you run an organization or want to bring this to your HR team, I lead Fair Play workshops that help employees navigate these conversations at home so they can show up at work without burning out.

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“After a few months working together, I am downright shocked by the updates we made in dividing household tasks. It's changed our marriage for the better."

Julia & Anel

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