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If you have a partner but find yourself responsible for all things kid, home, health and more - without feeling valued or seen - it's time to talk about Fair Play. Learn to bring invisible labor out into the open and to get more intentional with who does what in your household. This method will save you tons of time and a lot of resentment, creating a stronger connection at home and leaving you feeling more fulfilled!

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Whether you’re just getting started on your professional path or you’re a seasoned executive trying to navigate tough new terrain, I’m here to help. I work with clients on leadership, time management, strength finding and career development. From my years in both corporate environments and startups, I’ve seen firsthand what drives company culture, the inner politics we all have to navigate, and what it takes to thrive in your role at work.

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I am no stranger to the world of reinvention. I've pivoted my career from marketing at big media corporations to running brands at various startups in CPG, tech and wellness. I work with women now to blaze their own trail and follow their heart, explore their interests and tell their stories in the most compelling way. We create a vision together and get into action, stomping out the fears that come up along the way, and learning what truly lights you up!

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I’m committed to helping women rise in the workplace, getting them the support and mentorship they need to move past that “broken rung” that prevents so many women from entering into leadership positions. Through my own experience rising in the ranks, dealing with male-centric environments at tech startups, and finding my way as a leader in organizations big and small, I help companies build cultures of support and accountability that allow their female employees to thrive.

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