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I’m passionate about helping women design life on their own terms, step into their power and find a harmonious balance between work, personal and family life. 

Throughout my 20 year career I’ve climbed the corporate ladder at companies like Conde Nast and Meredith, followed my soul to mission-driven startups like Journey Meditation and Nourish, run teams, built company cultures, and worked for two of the toughest bosses - my children!

As I’ve juggled being a working mother and learned the hard way to prioritize my health and wellbeing, I’ve also found many tools that allow me to thrive and I’m committed to sharing those with you.

I’ve always gravitated towards coaching, whether I was helping a CEO navigate uncertain terrain with the board, a young professional find a career path that best suited her strengths, or helping another mom take time for herself so she could stop the endless cycle of yelling at home. I knew this was my life’s calling so I became a WCI-certified coach and Fair Play Facilitator to give me frameworks to coach women through some of life's most transitional moments. 

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